9 Tips On How To Throw A Perfect Baby Shower

Finding out that one of your closest relatives or friends is expecting can be very exciting. There are many things you will have to do over the next few months to help the new parents get ready for the birth. A baby shower is a great way to help the new mommy prepare her home and life for the baby, and to bring together family and friends to share the parents? joy and anticipation. If this is your first time throwing a baby shower, here are some helpful hints.

Ask Mom: The most important person to please during the baby shower is going to be the new mommy. While you may be in charge of finalizing details, she may have certain things she does or does not want to have at her shower. For example, while some women like to play silly baby shower games, other would prefer to stay away from baby bingo and guess mommy’s tummy size. She also may have a particular weekend she wants the shower to take place.

Set a Budget: While it’s nice to have an elaborate baby shower, it’s not always feasible. Before you get deep into the planning stages, make sure you work out a budget of some sorts. Include costs for catering and food, renting a room or hall, as well as decorations and party favors. Having a budget at the very beginning of your plan will help you decide how much to spend on various shower necessities.

Decide On A Date: Once you get input from the mother-to-be, decide on a date, time and place to hold the shower. If you are going to be holding it at someone’s house make sure you speak to them about times, dates, and amount of guests you can have. If you are planning on a shower at a restaurant or banquet facility, make sure you call in advance so you can lock in the date and time.

Make a list of Guests: Work with the new mommy and her family and decide who to invite to the baby shower. When deciding who to invite make sure you’re aware of the maximum amount of guest that the shower location can accommodate.

Invitations: Make sure you write out and send invitations no later than three to four weeks before the baby shower. Suggest an R.S.V.P. date about a week before the shower so that you have an approximate number for the amount of guests you will need to accommodate. It’s also a good idea to provide the new mom with thank you cards that match the invitations you sent out.

Plan the Menu: Showers are generally held early in the day and can consist of lunch time foods and finger foods. While it’s really at the discretion of those throwing the shower, it’s not necessary to serve a full course meal for a baby shower. Sandwiches, fruit trays, muffins, and cheese and crackers are great items to include in your shower menu. Also include some juices, punches, soda, and/or coffee.

Pick a Theme for the Shower: Picking out a theme for the shower will be very helpful when purchasing decorations and favors. If you’re struggling to pick a theme, peruse the aisles of your local party store or check online at sites that are dedicated to babies or showers. A simple search on the internet for baby showers will be sure to yield more than enough websites with decorating tips.

Make Memories: The day of the baby shower is going to be very overwhelming for the mother-to-be. With so many gifts to open and people to talk to she will have very little time to do things like take pictures or talk to every single person. Allow her friends and family to take part in capturing memories by passing around a scrapbook for everyone to sign; keeping disposable cameras on the tables, and designating someone to be the video recorder.

Make yourself an itinerary: As the host of the baby shower, you are in charge of keeping things moving smoothly. By making a chronological list of things you want to do at the baby shower, you will ensure some organization during a chaotic event. Be sure to designate time for socializing, eating, and opening gifts. Allow enough time for each activity. Include a conclusion to the shower where you and or the mother-to-be thank guests for attending.

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