A New Baby – Say Welcome With A Gift Basket

The arrival of a new baby makes for a perfect opportunity to use a gift basket to celebrate the new family member. Using blue or pink with white checkered gingham cloth as base when creating gift baskets for new babies lend beautiful accentuation to the basket. A foundation such as this lined basket not only offers a good holder for the gifts that are included inside but also can be used later in the nursery for holding diapers, or other baby essentials.

When wondering about what to put in the basket, you can always start with including the basic things that the baby will need. When the new mother unwraps the gift basket she will be thankful to see things like shampoo, baby powder, rash ointments, baby lotions, and bubble bath in the gift basket. New mothers do not always fully understand how a new baby will change her life and they are not always adequately prepared with all the necessities. Having extra supplies around the house is always a useful thing once the demands of motherhood get into full swing.

A soft sleeper or outfit is a great gift to deliver to a new mother when you visit her in the hospital with the baby gift basket. Dressing the little one in a cute small outfit is something that new mothers really enjoy and she will thank you for giving it to her. If you really want to thrill the mother, include a cute travel blanket and booties with the outfit and color coordinate it. She will be so excited.

Never forget to include things like pacifiers, rattles, and infant toys in the baby gift basket. There is definitely something lacking in a gift basket if it does not include these items. Baby bottles, formula, baby spoons and saucers are also perfect ideas to include when planning a gift basket.

When you are part of a group who have decided to put together one big baby gift basket, buy a baby tub and use that as the base for the gift basket. Imagine the excitement of the new mother when she receives the baby tub full of items that she will need and can use for weeks if not months afterwards. The first few weeks of having a new baby is quite hectic and receiving such a large and useful gift with all the supplies she needs will be highly appreciated by the new mother.

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