Are You At A Loss For Words And Do You Want To Enhance Your Vocabulary ?

If you have played Brain Age you will have an understanding of the idea behind My Word Coach, for it is very similar. It is also an ideal teaching tool which makes it ideal for parents. wanting to steer clear of software with guns etc.. There are a number of single player daily word challenges all of them fun and engaging.

There is Missing Letter, in which you are shown an incomplete word and you must draw in the correct letter with the Wii remote or stylus. It does feel a little strange using the Wii remote to write in the missing letters instead of scribbling them in with the stylus, but it works. The Wii features a mode whereby you can actually wirelessly link the DS and use it to swiftly input letters and this functionality works extremely well; you won’t even need the DS cart to do it.

In Word Shuffle, you are shown four definitions and need to use the Wii remote or DS stylus to match the correct word to each of them.

In Pasta Letters, you are shown a definition above a bowl of soup and you have got to quickly spell out the word that the definition describes with the pasta letters in the broth.

And in Safecracker, you are shown a definition in the upper screen and must move the dial of a safe using the stylus or Wii remote to spell out the correct word. In this case, you turn Nintendo’s remote as though turning a key into a lock/

My Word Coach increases in difficulty as things progress. After a few days you will find you have picked up new words that you will continue to use as part of your vocabulary.

My Word Coach has created a series of mini-games that can be played solo and through competitive multiplayer in order to help people learn more words and is a great game for everyone who wants to improve their vocabulary. For parents it is a fun teaching tool

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