Baby Shower – an Affectionate Moment for the Lady Expecting a Child

The whole world celebrates the birth of a newly born baby by the name of ‘baby shower’. It is so called as the mother of the newly born baby is showered with gifts. In different countries it is known by different names such as in Chinese tradition, a baby shower, called ‘miyue’ whereas in Costa Rica, a Baby Shower party is called ‘te de canastilla’. In Brazil, this party called “cha de bebe”. In Northern Germany it is called a ‘baby pinkel’; in South Africa it is called a ‘stork party’.

Actually, this was performed after the birth of a child but in the ancient times due to the lack of medical technology many of the newly born babies or the ladies giving birth to the child died and the rate of death became higher and higher . So to protect the child and the mother from any of the diseases or any ill-effects, people started offering prayers to god for the well being of the child and since then it began to be performed during the last two months of pregnancy of the lady expecting a child.

In India it is performed by praying before god and also playing beautiful games to bring in a cheerful environment. Some hosts arrange baby-themed activities, such as games to taste baby foods or to guess the baby’s birth date or gender. In traditional Indian Hindu families the lady is decorated with beautiful flowers. An elderly lady of the family showers blessings on the pregnant women and also presents beautiful gifts while singing traditional songs. It is a very fun-filled and at the same time affectionate moment for the lady as she is entering into a new phase of life i.e. motherhood. A swing is also decorated as if the new born baby will come and lie down there.

Unlike in India in the western countries the Baby Shower is performed mostly after the birth of the baby. Sometimes the guest list includes only the near and dear ones of the family whereas in some other cases friends or the whole community remains present there. Usually this type of function includes light food which is served to the guest but not a full meal. But all depends upon the region and culture of the people where it is performed.

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