Be a Smart Parent with Parental Control Utility

Today’s information age has opened several avenues for everybody; with internet serving to bring first hand information for you at a mere click of mouse. Technology has brought in immense comfort for one and all. People of all ages and walks of life, including children, are exposed to this important mode of information exchange as well as entertainment. The young generation, today, take a liking to tech stuff and computers at a much early stage. In return, the technology contributes immensely towards their mental development, thereby producing a generation of intelligent and technologically sound kids.

But, as all the other things, technology also brings with it certain pitfalls. Incidences of cyber crime and cyber bullying are rampant these days. Young generation today, including teens, kids and even preschoolers, is growing up in present day digital world and is bent on exploring newer opportunities it holds for them. Midst all these opportunities, lie perils of falling prey to severe dangers internet usage is associated with. Perhaps, even you might be unaware of the fact that your tech savvy child is a victim of internet abuse. Apart from the concern of your child becoming couch potato, unchecked internet usage might lead to he/she getting exposed to wrong content online and potentially fatal habits leading to his/her emotional and psychological detriment. As a responsible parent, the onus lies on you to be vigilant about your kid’s activities online and address similar concerns emerging thereof.

There are ways through which you can serve to be a mentor and help your children stay protected from internet threats. For this, you need to equip yourself to monitor their activities online and stay knowledgeable about the stuff they are exposed to. First step towards helping one’s child stay safe on the internet is that a parent shall be aware of what all his/her child does online. This includes being aware of the technology one uses, sites one visits and the very purpose for which a kid uses internet. This shall be, then, followed by assisting him/her in appropriate usage of internet and guiding one into ways of staying protected online through amicable discussions. A parent can approach this by finding a foolproof method of monitoring one’s child’s activities online.

Unistal’s Parent Control Utility is a one stop solution to cater to all your worries. It is an activity reporting tool, which comes with user friendly features to ably monitor your child’s activities online, by taking screenshots of desired quality at specific time intervals. It addresses your concerns by maintaining a log of all keystroke activities done on your child’s system. This software records different kinds of activities including internet, application as well as clipboard activities. It is a versatile tool which helps you manage and control log size as well as duration as per your will. To further add to your convenience, the software enables you to get log reports mailed on an e-mail Id specified by you, thereby allowing you to silently monitor your child’s activities online. The efficient Parent Control Utility tool by Unistal Systems Pvt. Ltd. empowers you to guard your kids and take care of them even in your absence. Explore empowered and smart parenting with activity reporter!

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