Facts On Adhd Predominantly Inattentive Type

Many parents are convinced that inattentive ADHD is a curse rather than a blessing. Certainly it presents its problems but we should always remember that quite a few ADHD kids are extremely intelligent. In this article I want to outline some facts on the ADHD predominantly inattentive type which often gets left out because there is a lot of attention given to the hyperactive type or the combined type.

The first fact is that with the ADHD predominantly inattentive type, there is a greater possibility of having a co-morbid disorder such as anxiety, OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) or ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder). Looking on the bright side, these kids can do very well in the performing arts when they grow up. They have a great talent for pursuing subjects that interest them in great detail. They can become experts in certain things which they are passionate about and are loyal and caring.

The second fact is that they can really pay attention to things which stimulate them and which absorb their attention and they are not distracted at all. This type of activity might be a sport which they are good at or a video game. The challenge for parents and teachers is to make school subjects and homework interesting and challenging for them. Dr Amen, the ADHD expert is convinced that one of the best ways of dealing with the ADHD predominantly inattentive type is to provide the right stimulation to perform even complex tasks. More often than not, the inattentive ADHD type child is going to hop from one task to another, often lose things, get sidetracked and in this way, the task or homework never gets done.

The third fact to bear in mind when dealing with the ADHD predominantly inattentive type is that the most effective treatment is a combination of ADHD behavior therapy combined with medication. But which medication ? Some of the psychostimulants (which we must always remember are mainly amphetamines) may offer some relief for symptoms like helping the child to stay focused but they will never cure the condition and are full of unknowns as regards side effects and health risks. The natural cures such as ADHD homeopathic remedies are not well publicized because there are no drug company consortiums backing them and in a way, homeopathic medicine has remained the Cinderella of medical treatment. You can find out why thousands and thousands of parents are now turning to this much safer cheaper option for inattentive ADHD from the link below.

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