For The Kids Wall Growth Chart

Your own childhood memories will surface. You will remember the marks being made on the walls by your parents as you grew inch by inch. For this they would choose a clean wall. You would be made to stand against it while the mark would be made with a coloured pencil. Those days are no more. For toddlers and kids there are wall growth charts that are colourful. Marking the walls make it grimy. Secondly, if the wall is cleaned or repainted the mark will disappear. But on the other hand Wall Growth Chart is not only fun but easy to keep. Currently a sea change has come in the world of Wall Growth Chart ; you can even have it tailor made to suit your specifications. There are growth charts based on themes depicting figures of animals etc. Some of the charts are the peel-and-stick variety. Children love to see their names scrawled across a chart – makes them feel very important. For those who have two or more children it would be necessary to keep equal number of wall charts.

Here the question of wall space will arise. While expecting, it is irrelevant if the newcomer is going to be a boy or girl. The baby’s room can be decorated with many types of nursery wall art – smiling face of the moon or Walt Disney characters – Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc. Winnie the Pooh would also be welcome. Kids wall art includes canvas banner, growth charts and eye catching wall hangings. Two things you will have to bear in mind while picking these up – it should be useful as well as being safe. The protection of the child should be uppermost in your consideration. There are different kinds of pictures for nursery. Infants being what they are, get attracted to anything bright and colourful. If it is your first child your excitement will know no bounds and you will choose for the nursery art real masterpieces. It gives immense pleasure to decorate the room of the child – not only because of savouring parenthood but also because it reminds you of your own childhood.

Many among you must have dabbled with paints as a child and then had to give it up with increase in other demands of life. This is a second chance to relive the golden days of your lost childhood. From time to time children’s wall art necessitated modification. With advances in lifestyle there are many new decorations available in the market for doing up rooms. Growing children develop their own likes and dislikes; some prefer the fluorescent effect that fills up the ceiling with the moon and stars that glow all through the night. Others prefer the walls to be plastered with cartoon characters. Participating in wall art for kids is something more than merely painting up a room – it is fun art also. Now that the growth chart is available in attractive colors and have gone designer, moms don’t loose sleep over the walls going dirty with the marking. They new wall charts lend a smart look to your kid’s room.

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