How To Plan For A Disney Cars Party Favors Birthday Theme

Thinking of surprising your little boy by arranging for a Disney Cars party favors theme for him? Well, if this is the first time you are planning such a theme, then you might need some help in the process. Disney Cars is a famous movie that is adored by children of all ages. Your kid will really look forward for his birthday. There are many websites that offer party supplies and other materials for arranging such themes for birthdays.

First of all you need to get started with the birthday invitations. You can either purchase Disney Cars themed invitations from the internet or create your own ones. These cards are easy to make provided you have the necessary creative skills and time. Cut out pictures of Lightning McQueen, Luigi, Doc and Ramone and paste them along with the photo of your child. You can complete the invitations by adding wordings inviting the kids to the party, specifying the date, time and venue.

No party is complete without decorations. Streamers can be hung from the ceilings and balloons in red, white and black shaped in any of the Disney Cars character can be hung at the entrance. For special effects, you might want to add race car checker flags along with standing props of these Disney Car characters. Kids love piatas and you can even arrange for Cars piatas and fill them up with toys, gifts and candies. You might even want to look at some of the party supplies and materials offered by a number of stores online.

Kids tend to be impatient and may get into tantrums if bored. Their boredom can be easily resolved by making them to take part in some fun filled activities that can keep them busy till the rest of the guests arrive. Arrange for some coloring books or a sticker sheet and make the children draw and color their favorite Disney car. Prizes can be given to the best picture.

The most exciting part of this Disney Cars party favors theme is the food and the beverages. Kids love all sorts of food especially the birthday cake. The cake can be ordered or baked in the form of any of the Disney Cars character. Other food items can be given unique names and fruit juices and milkshakes can be served as beverages. Desserts can be served in the form of ice creams, fruit salads and many more.

No party is complete without any games. Games are a great way to win exciting prizes as well as keep the kids in check. A list of games that are sure to be fun for the kids are Disney Cars relay, Ramon says, T-Shirt painting etc. You can even create a racetrack and allow the kids to race their favorite car.

A Disney Car party favor box can contain the T- shirts painted by the kids, candies, chocolates, Disney Cars stickers, whistles and toy cars. If you are not sure on what to give away as party favors, you can purchase readymade party favor bags from any of the Disney stores at affordable prices.

Boys adore these Disney Cars party favors themes and your son will not at all be disappointed. You can even take the help of your friends and relatives who have already organized such themes. This party is sure to be a success and will be the hot topic amongst your kid’s friends for years to come. Your kid will be very grateful to you.

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