Making A Complete Baby Shower Party For Everyone To Enjoy

Having a baby shower party can make a wonderful experience for everyone involved. This party has several details to make it complete and successful. When all these details are accomplished, you will be definitely proud to be the hostess of a fantastic welcome party for the newborn child.

One of the first things you should take into consideration is the timing. It will be an organized celebration if you start the planning ahead of time. If it is not a surprise, you can check with the mom-to-be and make schedule the date well in advance of the party. You may also ask the guest of honor’s opinion or ideas about the planning a baby shower party.

Once you have set the date, you can then start thinking about the party theme. This is another detail of the event where the mom-to-be can share her ideas. There are several baby themes to choose from. Maybe she wanted the nursery to be decorated with a teddy bear theme, or perhaps a baby-gender theme.

After the theme has been decided, next is you can start planning for the invitations. You can come up with shower invitations using either of these two ways: purchase invitations at your nearest party shops, or make your own homemade invitations. If you really want to stick with the theme, you need to have invitations that reflects the atmosphere of the said event. Apart from the party invitations, you could buy the decorations, plates, napkins and party favors at the same time. This will serve two purpose; you will enjoy a complete coordinated theme and you will have quite a few of the preparations taken care of well before the day of the shower.

Next to follow are the foods that will be served at the shower party. Will you keep it relatively simple or are you planning for a full course meal? The choice can be very personal, it still up to you and you may want to take into consideration what you think the guest of honor would enjoy most. You may serve cookies or muffins and a fruit cup, or you might rather serve five course meal. Or maybe you will settle on something in-between the two.

Make sure you will have a good venue for all the guests you have invited. Consider having enough chairs or you may prepare some extras, which is a good idea as well. The choice of a good venue is up to you, you can either rent a party room or banquet room at a restaurant. And if cooking is not your field, you could always hire a caterer or have the guests bring part of the food.

Lastly, think of something fun and interesting for everyone to enjoy. Plan for the baby shower games which everybody can participate, as well as prepare prizes for the winners. Also, consider shower gifts not only for the newborn child but for the new parents also. Consider also baby shower favors for the guests such as cute baby items like bibs, baby toys, pacifiers and the likes. You can make them personalized or include a tag on each favor.

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