Online Children’s Boutique Specializing in Designer Baby Clothes

There are many online stores which specifically sell designer baby clothes. These stores have set a standard of quality, original design, sustainability, and affordability. Some do not only offer designer baby clothes, but bedding and teenager clothing options as well. One such children’s’ clothing boutique is the Little Skye or the Baby Skye boutique selling Eliane et Lena’s collections among other sought after collections like Eva & Oil and Mim Pi collections.

Eliane et Lena’s collections of children fashion available at Little Skye or the Baby Skye boutique are always up to the minute french design. Eliane et Lena designer clothing is characterised by great attention to detail and co-ordinating styles that can be mixed and matched for everyday or special occasion outfits. They carry the designer baby clothes for girls for basically two age ranges: 6 month to 4 years and 2 years to 12 years. They also carry Eliane et Lena designer boys clothes from 6 month to 3 years, which dependent on the collection is either very classic or funky and fun with lots of detail.

Seasonally, Eliane et Lena girls clothes, readily available at childrens’ clothing boutique, offer lots of ‘easy to wear’ dresses, tunics and of course as always, a fantastic range of accessories, including tights and leggings. There are also great winter coats to complement and finish off the outfits.

A little on Little Skye’s Mim-Pi Collections:

Mim-Pi or Mimpi means ‘dreaming’ on the island of Bali. According to founder and designer of Mim-Pi – Leonora Nieuwenhuizen: “Girls must feel like a princess and be able to dream of a magic world. That is the idea behind every collection I design; dreams, sweet, girly.

For me it is important that children can be children. And girls can be girls. That is why I like to work with special details and colors, which is what they like.”

Mim-Pi clothes all are made of the most beautiful fabric, manufactured with rich prints, applications and embroideries. The main collection is made of the best quality cotton and lycra. And last but not least, the collection is affordable. Mim-Pi is offering two complete collections a year, one in mid July and one in mid January. Baby Skye boutique is pleased to offer Mim-pi Children’s Clothing for ages: 2-10 Years.

Eva and Oil is a kid’s label run by the American-Danish design duo Michelle and Jeanette, who are based in Paris. It is a line designed so that kids can wear the clothes and be comfortable as well as look real cute. Not only do they design cute clothes but also great maternity bags that turn into a laptop bag once you have phased out nappies!

There are many reasons to seek out designer baby clothes, sustainable options; and, especially when shopping online, there are numerous children’s’ boutique that sell children’s designer clothing, as well as toys and other products that offer a much more sustainable future for the children they are purchased for.

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