Should You Consider Hiring A Babysitter Or Is Daycare Better For Your Children

Consider all your options when you have to find some help with your children. Keep in mind that hiring a babysitter and daycare are two possibilities.

Read this to find out how these options are different?

When you hire a babysitter you can do that just for the time that you need the help. You can go for this option when you want a live in nanny to help you take care of your children all the time, when you want somebody to come and take care of your children when you want a weekend off, or just occasionally when your boss wants you to do overtime.

Often daycare is a more consistent solution. You can just arrange that your children are being taken care of by these specialists that do that kind of work in a daycare center. Your child will learn how to interact with children their age and will get better at coordination and motor skills. Basically it means that you extend your children’s school experience by bringing them to a daycare.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of both these solutions?

The cost of that kind of service depends really on what you need. When you hire a babysitter that comes to your house you will have to pay accordingly. They come and help you out for a day or sometimes just a half day and besides doing whatever basic care is needed they will also assist with other activities: rides to activities after school or homework help. Overall it is more expensive to bring them to the home of somebody who babysits several children at her house.

They will have to share the attention of that babysitter with several other children and they will learn how to associate with their peers, just like at a professional daycare. The lady who babysits at her house will not have as many children as what they take care of in the daycare so this option is still more personalized. These babysitters can only take care of four children at their home at any given time, while professional daycares accept ten to twenty children per teacher.

Daycare providers have to interact more professionally and you are the one that will have to pay for that. It is a good idea to have all the facts clear about expectations and commitment. They also have to know all the individual aspects of your child’s care. It has to be understood very well what the structure is of the employment, including hours and scopes, and both the parent and the provider have to agree on limitations. Make sure that you take care of all the paperwork that needs to be done. After all we are talking full time jobs here.

The care of a specialist

Your child will learn from this other adult that will be committing time. Agencies usually screen the babysitters they work with really well and so their good care is guaranteed. These are people who know what they are doing and they will respond appropriately to any kind of emergency. Overall they are not just here to help you educate your child. They soon become part of the family. They take care of all the needs of your child whether it they are at an intellectual level, emotional assistance or taking care of physical needs.

These people are usually very knowledgeable when it comes to the psychology of the development of a child. They are legally not allowed to provide these kinds of services unless they can successfully pass some testing. They will help you bring all the capabilities of your child to the right level by helping them to develop their talents.


While children get used to changing teachers all the time, they will stay attached to their babysitters.

Daycare centers are more education oriented, but a babysitter will train your child to become a success in life. Daycare teachers are done for the day when they clock out, but a babysitter will see to it that the child is happy with all aspects of life and they will take part in the bed time ritual. A babysitter will help you raise your child as if she is taking care of her own child. A teacher in a daycare does not have that kind of commitment.

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