The Good Method to Cultivate The Psychological Quality of Babies

In the growth process of Children, parents are their children the best examples. In early childhood, parents’ words and deeds affect babies’ life, and play a critical guidance to children’s psychology and mentality.

Parents’ good breeding attitude is the key for good psychological quality. And parents are examples for the children to learn, the upbringing attitude of parents and education method will directly affect a child’s behavior and psychology, children’s good behavior habits are the results of parents education.

Family environment influence is multiple-level, the multi-side, including physical environment, language environment, psychological environment and human environment. The physical environment refers to the physical decoration of family. Language environment refers to whether people’s language in the family is civilized and polite, democratic and equal and even understanding.

Interpersonal environment means respecting the old and cherishing and each one does his duty. Psychological environment means attitude and emotional communication state between parents and children, and family environment will have a direct impact on children’s mental health. Therefore, establishing good family environment is the important guarantee of children’s healthy development and good mental quality.

Family virtue is the premise of good psychological quality. That is family members are harmonious and harmonious. Although sometimes they have differing opinions from each other, in principle they are unified. So in cooperation, understanding atmosphere, not only make children learn to help, understand, and love each other, and make the children’s thinking will and ability get harmonious development, gain security, and form self-consciousness willing to accept education.

Instead, family members are like strangers, and handle matters selfishly, bicker endlessly. Such families often do not improve the children’s mentality, even abnormal. They are indifferent, stubborn, and uncooperative in dealing with matters. So family virtue should be advocated, correctly deal with the relationship between each other of family members, and form good norms. To try to construct a harmonious relationship and the harmonious atmosphere family, parents cannot overwhelm children by their power, make children moved by feelings, and educate them with examples, fully embodies the family are living harbor, which just help children to form the good mental quality.

Parents’ good breeding attitude is quite important to form children’s good psychological quality. And parents should set good examples for the children to learn. The upbringing attitude of parents and education method will directly affect a child’s behavior and psychology, and children’s good behavior habits mainly depend on parents’ education. Imperious family education of feudal old rules stresses absolutely obeying to parents’ will. Therefore, if the children will be punished if not obey to them slightly. This kind of parents hold too strict upbringing attitude, the child’s own lack of autonomy, lack of self-confidence and independence, or on the other hand will form the violent, barbaric, lying, rebellious attitude. The children are looking for revenging and teasing others because they just want to get psychological compensation and balance. Parents just want to provide children consistent help and protection with the excessive pampered and responsive breeding attitude. As a result, the children will more and more independent.

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