The Role Of Adhd Behavior Therapy In The Homework Battle

ADHD kids who suffer from behaviour disorders need structures, routines and schedules as part of a bigger plan which usually forms the basis of ADHD behaviour therapy. Homework is just one example where this can work quite well. Let me give you an example.

The homework battle with ADHD kids and teens can sometimes be a tough one because the parents often lose. But it need not be like that. Here are two things you can do if homework is not being done. If your child has no interest in homework, he or she can be tempted with certain rewards. In this way there is positive reinforcement for good behaviour rather than taking away privileges for homework not done. Secondly, if you cannot keep track of the homework being set because your child does not write it down, try to get the teacher to email it to you.

This may mean a visit to the school so that you can ask for this. If there is a resource teacher, they should be looking after that because sometimes the classroom teachers just cannot keep up with everything. Some kids have a buddy who is there to see that he does not forget all the books and things he needs. Thirdly you can find out what facilities they have for ADHD kids and special arrangements under the 504 Plan or the IEP. If your child has a behaviour disorder such as ADHD, this comes under the right of every child to have the best educational facilities possible when there is a disability.

Some parents find that drawing up a homework contract with their ADHD child can be really beneficial. The teenager likes doing this because he can put in all his pet hates that really irk him when the parent starts nagging him about the homework. The parent will probably put in a clause about not doing homework with an attitude ! This fits in very well with ADHD behavior therapy because it stresses making the child accountable for certain behaviors. Naturally a rewards/privileges and consequences system is built into the contract. Depending on the age of the child, there can be negotiation on computer, phone and TV time and use but there has to be a bottom line too.

The homework battle is just one area where ADHD behaviour therapy can really help you and your child. Other behaviour disorders such as ODD (Oppositional Defiance Disorder) also benefit from this kind of therapy and the National Institute of Mental Health now favours a combination therapy which includes some medication and therapy.

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