Top 10 Gifts For A Baptism

A baptism is an important milestone in a child’s life. If you have been given the honor of being chosen as a Godparent, or you have been asked to attend a christening, see the list of gifts below for ideas on what to bring as a gift.

1. Every child being baptized needs a bible. There are a wide variety of bibles to choose from based on the age and reading ability of the child being baptized. You can choose a picture bible for very young children or a children’s bible that a child can grow into it understanding, with help from his parents and Godparents.

2. It is tradition that a candle is lit during the baptism of the baby. You can purchase a Christening candle for the child and include a nice message about helping to light their way.

3. Whether it’s on a piece of jewelry or it’s a wooden decorative piece, a cross is a nice gift to commemorate a baptism.

4. A rosary is a very appropriate and sentimental gift for the child being baptized. If you decide to give a rosary, be sure to include a special keepsake bag or box in which the child can keep this special item safe.

5. While babies are waiting for their baptism, they are typically clothed in a Christening gown and wrapped in a blanket. Not only does this make the child feel safe and cozy, it serves a practical purpose as well, the baptismal water tends to be cold and the blanket can keep the child warm. Purchase or make a blanket for the child who is experiencing their baptism.

6. A personalized gift is always a nice touch and allows the family to reflect back on the memorable day. Visit to see a large selection of frames. Several of these frames are intended to hold the baptism certificate and can be personalized with the child’s name and the date of his or her baptism, as well as any other information of your choosing, such as the name of the church and the Godparents.

7. has created a keepsake book for the baptism day. This book is a nice place to record special memories of the day, blessings from family members, photos taken from the event and any paperwork received on the day. There are a variety of styles to choose from and the prices vary.

8. Some might argue that a monetary gift is not a personal gift. Others would argue that money is the most personal gift because it allows the recipient the opportunity for choice. Whether you can afford to give the baptized child $20 or $100, any monetary gift is appreciated when it comes time for the special day.

9. If giving money makes you uncomfortable, it’s a nice compromise to give a savings bond. The great thing about savings bonds is that they can be purchased for half the value stated on the bond and then they mature over time to the amount listed. So, you can spend $50 for a $100 bond and in time, the bond will be worth $100, or more.

10. A thoughtful gift to commemorate a baptism is to give a donation to the church in the name of the child being baptized. Or, you can ask the family of the child being baptized what their favorite charity is and make a donation to that charity.

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