What Does Disciplining A Baby Mean?

Disciplining a baby? What do you mean by it? How can one discipline a toddler? It sounds so absurd! – But yes, the parents should discipline a child from his early age. Of course I am not talking about some rigid rules for the child, but discipline can be maintained by some ‘soft? guidance. For instance, when he grabs an unsafe thing and puts it in his mouth, the mother should stop him doing that. She is limiting his doings, restricting his works as he wishes. Don’t assume discipline as punishment. By disciplining him, you are only guiding him, teaching him what to do, what to leave.

What does discipline mean?

The society is where the child is going to live, discipline only paves the path for him to be socially acceptable. He builds self-control so that he doesn’t hurt anyone while fulfilling his self-interest. Discipline also teaches him to control his reactions, acknowledge his emotions. He comprehends the working of the society and his position in it. Discipline, in short, guides him to behave himself even in the absence of his parents.

So why remain indifferent to disciplining your kid. Start from day 1. Discipline is not something to do with punishment; it is rather for the good of your kid. You may think that discipline can be put into action when your baby grows up a little. But it is always better to start from the very beginning of his life that will lead him ultimately to success. Discipline is part of bringing up your child.

How to discipline an infant?

The cradle of Discipline lies in your religion, culture and your family. Discipline is effective when your cares for your kid are responsive. By responsive cares I mean the mother and the baby communicating with each other. Let us take an example. When a baby cries, you know that he is wet, or hungry or in a position of discomfort. Or may be he just wants to be under the attention or care of someone.

You are actually supporting the child’s behavior of comprehending to respond with other people when you respond to his every cry. You are teaching him gradually how to self-control that will be beneficial in his life later on. Disciplining starts with your meeting the baby’s necessities. By responding to his needs, you are creating a healthy parent-kid relationship. This will make your child feel secure. He will know that his parents are there to reinforce him to survive in the unknown ambiances.

The premier level to discipline kids begins in the daily routines. With his gradual growing up, imposing limitations should increase.

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